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At BayLife Physical Therapy we offer personalized physical therapy for all types of injuries. Patients can be seen pre-op, post-op, with or without a script from a Physician for any injury sustained from work, sports, falls, car accidents, repetitive activities or even neurological conditions sustained from stroke or some other form of trauma. We are able to treat any age, no matter the physical limitations.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

I broke my wrist and thought I was in for a long recovery. But to my surprise, the recovery was excellent! Thanks to the expertise of Ben and Ken, without them I would have been in big trouble. My heart felt thanks goes out to you guys! All the best!

– Michael A.

My experience here has been absolutely wonderful! When I first came to here I was a discouraged mess. My left nee was injured and I was not confident in my ability to run, walk. Now I am able to run 5 miles, 3-4 times/week and do workouts with my husband! Thank you Ben, for being great, thank you Baylife PT!

– Leonarda L. 

I would like to express my appreciation for Ben and Greg. I never thought I would have back surgery at 32. Ben compassionate, professional and takes the time time to listen to each patients needs. He teaches you proper techniques and valuable tools to get you to the next level. You are blessings and I will miss seeing you guys! Thank you!

– Joset K

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